SAGE Suite

A complete suite for SAGE data manipulation
SAGE Suite is a free suite of Perl scripts for SAGE data analysis and in-silico data creation.

The Group

Departament of Parasitology, Institute of Biomedics Science, Laboratory of Coccidiian Molecular Biology (in portuguese)

Other Projects

EGene - Automated Pipeline Generation System.
An Open Source platform of configurable pipeline generation system for automated sequence analysis.

TRAP - Tandem Repeats Analysis Program.
An Open Source system for automated classification, quantification and annotation of tandemly repeated sequences.


USP - Universidade de São Paulo - University of São Paulo (in Portuguese).

ICB - USP Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas - Universidade de São Paulo (Institute of Biomedical Sciences - University of São Paulo)

IME - USP Instituto de Matemática e Estatística Universidade de São Paulo (Institute of Mathematics and Statistics - University of São Paulo).

The Group:

The project is developed by the Bioinformatic research group of the Institute of Biomedics Research. The labpratory investigates the aspects of the molecular biology and genomic of protozoas of the genus Eimeria and Toxoplasma. The laboratory also develops Bioinformatics Tools for the use on the projects and for the scientific community.